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What can I do to help my pumpkin last longer?
By placing your pumpkin in a 50/50 mixture of bleach and water you will destroy some of the bacteria that leads to decay.

Will my mums return next year after dieing back this winter?
Yes. Mums return year after year, gracing your yard with the same brilliant color as the first year.

Will my school group actually be cutting their own pumpkins? This seems a little unsafe for a class of K-4 children.
No. We pre-cut the pumpkins and return them to the Pumpkin Patch, allowing the children the adventure of fetching their Halloween pumpkin, without the risk.

I’ve never heard of a haybale maze, what is it?
A haybale maze is a series of round haybales arranged in a pattern, creating a simple maze.

Is it safe for children to be petting the animals?
Yes. The farm animals are fond of being petted and love little hands that may offer food. We do recommend that everyone use the washing station after visiting the petting-zoo.